Who am I and why should you care?

I was born into a do-it-yourself family, long before DIY became a household word.  We fixed our own plumbing and did our own painting.  We repaired our own appliances and cars.  Kept our own lawns and trimmed our own trees.  When it was time to replace fences, it was time to bust out the tools.  Likewise for the roof, it took a month of weekends to get it done, but it’s still leak free some 22 years later.  If we could possibly take care of it without pulling in outside help we did, that’s just the way my family operated.  I can only remember two times in my entire childhood where someone came to work in our house; once to install a new leach field for the septic system and once to install new carpet.  That’s it, just twice in all the years I lived with my parents.

My introduction into preparedness also started at a young age as a Boy Scout in the early 1980’s.  A lot of lessons were learned in those days that have served me well throughout my life.  Being prepared is more than just an accumulation of “stuff”, and it starts with your mindset.  As I grew older this mindset really developed into a way of life.  Being responsible for oneself is one thing, but when you add a spouse and then a child into the mix it becomes even more necessary.

This odd combination of do-it-yourself and preparedness led me on a strange, twisted path of a professional career, but it’s been quite an adventure. I’ve been an Office Manager,  a Tradesman, an IT guy, and now a Facilities Director for the last dozen or so years.  As a facilities director, one of my most important fields of focus is Life Safety and I have been deeply involved with learning everything I can about that field of study.

I’m still very much a DIY’er and I do my best to be prepared for what may come down the pike.  I’ve suffered through my share of adversity over the years and I hope that the information on this site will help others not make the same mistakes I did transitioning into adulthood as well as help people to take care of themselves and their loved ones in a smart, thoughtful way.

I don’t believe there will be a Zombie apocalypse; I very much doubt the UN (or any other foreign state for that matter) will try to “take over” the US.  The threat of EMP, while very real and extremely dangerous, is not something I live in fear of.  That is not the type of thing you will read here, though there are plenty of websites, forums and blogs that will be happy to scare the bejeezus out of you with that stuff.  I focus on “real world” preparedness, primarily your home, your car, your family, your workplace, etc.

Over time I will develop this into a multimedia space with podcasts, videos and articles covering a lot of topics.  I hope you enjoy the ride and learn something along the way.

Thanks for reading!