It’s embarrassing to admit, but the other day I suffered from a complete lack of preparedness. As someone whose profession involves emergency preparedness and safety I should have known better.  I should have made provisions, but a seemingly mundane “oops” moment derailed my entire day and left me in a mental funk, beating myself up over my failure.  Don’t let this happen to you.

It’s easy to get caught up in the flashy stuff when you delve into preparedness, but when the S#!+ hasn’t yet hit the fan it’s the everyday stuff that is more likely to rise up and bite you in the rear. It doesn’t usually take a monumental disaster to give you a bad day, just enough of a glitch to throw your plans out of whack.  In my case, a spare truck key stashed in my satchel would have saved the day.  That’s it – an easily accessible spare key would have saved me hours of aggravation and stress.

The silver lining to all this is that it opened my eyes to some really obvious gaps in my own preparedness. By happenstance and sheer luck I was able to get myself out of this situation with nothing more than a bad mood and the loss of a couple hours of my time, but things could have gone much worse.  However you can bet this particular thing won’t happen to me again as I’ve set forth on a plan of correction – simply a spare key, a hide-a-key box and a set of jumper cables.  Will this save me from all other mishaps? Of course not.  I’m simply doing a process of elimination in an effort to do better in the future.

Really that’s the best any of us can do. No matter how prepared you are or hope to be, nobody can be prepared for all things at all times.  It’s no use beating yourself up when your preparedness efforts come up short, we must simply learn from our mistakes and adjust accordingly.

Preparedness has no finish line; it’s a lifelong journey and a mindset. Do the best you can with what you’ve got and learn from your mistakes.  If you can remember to do those two things consistently, over time the “oops” moments will be few and far between.

Thanks for reading!



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